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TRANSACTIONAL SERVICES We assist organizations to evaluate and navigate corporate transactions, with services that include business modeling, M&A, and valuations. we see transactions through an investor’s lens and are focused on helping clients identify, evaluate and successfully implement their growth strategies in today’s complex business landscape MARCKS help you handle all the tasks associated with […]
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STRATEGIC PLANNING A strategic plan defines who you are as a business and lists concrete actions to achieve your goals. When the unexpected occurs, a strategic plan helps your business survive and find new opportunities while staying true to your values and mission. “Strategic planning takes companies to a new level and a new way […]
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STRATEGIC CONSULTING Strategy consulting is when businesspeople — generally executives, boards, or management — bring in a third party to offer an outside, expert perspective on their business challenges. Strategy consultants usually have considerable industry knowledge and are expected to assess high-level business issues objectively. They take a holistic look at specific problems companies are […]
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S.O.P DEVELOPMENT A standard operating procedure (SOP) is a document that provides clear-cut directions and instructions as to how teams and members within an organization must go about completing certain processes Having an SOP ensures that processes are being done in a standardized manner making it easier for your staff to do more with fewer […]
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ORGANIZATION ASSESSMENT SURVEY It is a planned systematic review of an organization’s processes, work environment, and organizational structure. The organizational assessment process guides the development of recommendations and action plans to support achievement of organizational objectives. The survey is a management tool that allows the organization’s leadership to proactively assess critical organizational climate dimensions that […]
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INTERNAL RESTRUCTURING CONSULTANCY Dynamics of todays Business world is constantly evolving, therefore adaptability is one of the crucial attributes in Corporate Space today Restructuring is the act of changing the business model of an organization to transform it for the better. These changes can be legal, operational processes, ownership, etc. The cause of such a […]
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FEASIBILITY ASSESSMENT A feasibility study is simply an assessment of the practicality of a proposed project plan or method feasibility analysis, is the foundation upon which your project plan resides. That’s because the feasibility analysis determines the viability of your project. The feasibility assessment is typically conducted at a point in the project where alternative […]
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DUE DILLIGENCE “Diligence is the beginning of brilliance” Due diligence is an investigation, audit, or review performed to confirm facts or details of a matter under consideration It is a systematic way to analyze and mitigate risk from a business or investment decision. The due diligence enables companies to perform risk and compliance check to […]
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COMPLIANCE OUTSOURCING Demand for compliance functions has raised the cost of maintaining compliance infrastructure. Therefore, demand for compliance outsourcing services has been increased as they are more cost-effective and superior in expertise than in-house departments We add value by helping you comply with the requirements related to Legislation, Regulations, Standards, Regimes and Guidelines affecting all […]
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COMPARITIVE ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Comparative analysis is the process of comparing items to one another and distinguishing their similarities and differences. When a business wants to analyze an idea, problem, theory or question, conducting a comparative analysis allows it to better understand the issue and form strategies in response Our comparative analysis not only […]
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