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Growing internationally is an essential part of a company’s business expansion policy. It
is governed by a company’s aim to diversify its commercial activities across
International frontiers and increase its competitiveness.
Due to factors like a large customer base, rapid growth in economy, comparatively
inexpensive labor force, countries like India, China, Brazil etc. remain the most obvious choice of Multinational companies to establish business in these countries.
Of the above countries, the Indian economy continues to grow at a good pace and holds a strong position on the global map. The country’s GDP has been growing at an average rate of 8.5% for the last five years, despite the global slowdown.

It is one of the most attractive destinations for business and investment opportunities with the available large manpower base, diversified natural resources and strong macroeconomic
India is also the second most populous country in the world and has
more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% hovers below
the age of 35. Allowance of 100 foreign Investment for most of the activities/ sectors
has further strengthened India’s position as favorite destination for business houses across the world.
Despite the attempts of the Government to ease out the procedure for setting up
business in India to attract more and more of foreign Investment, establishing business
in India still requires many compliances to be complied with as mandated by various
legislations and Acts of parliament.
In order to fulfill the compliances required by different legislations to establish and
operate business in India, foreign Investors, as commonly seen, end up appointing
multiple consultants for honoring these compliances.
Appointment of multiple consultants leads to hazels of multiple contact points, improper coordination between various consultants which consequently delays business set up procedure.

To provide a solution for the above mentioned problems faced by foreign Investors,
MARCKS Network has come up with a unique service called “ Business Set up Services
In India”.

Under this service we act as a single point of contact for all the compliances
and services that are required by foreign investors to establish business in India.

We at MARCKS Network provides a “TOTAL SOLUTION” under one roof to its global
clients to avoid unwarranted hassles, inconvenience, wastage of time and enhances the
smooth expansion of the client’s business. We have a panel of expert professionals who
have several years of experience in providing business setup services.

We assure the client a better flow of their operations in matters involving Business
Setup. We are the quality service provider and aim at assisting the offshore clients in
services involving business set up in India.

Our expert team will guide about:
· How to set up a small business in India.
· How to set up a big business in India.
· Advice on the best business to set up in India.
· How to set up an online business in India.

Consultation services such as Stocks i.e., private placement, evaluation reports, ESOP
implementation, Project reports.
Tax collection and bookkeeping services such as GST Refund. Tax Refund, GST Refund
Application, and management of tax scrutinies.
Secretarial and legal audits: Compliance with regulations such as annual secretary,
board meetings, and the keeping of official registers.
Payroll management and bookkeeping services such as online salary management and
bookkeeping or instant booking.
Legal advice such as employee agreements, founder agreements, shareholder
agreements, vendor agreements.
Comprehensive advice on the best business to set up in India.

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